About Us

We’ve been in the cleaning business since 1985, but it was until 1991 when Industrial Maintenance Services Corporation was born with the people and experience acquired during that period.

The idea of supplying the main maintenance services that Building Owners and Property Managers need every day, was our main goal.

Knowing that competitors were excellent in this business, we decided to be the best possible and the least expensive in the market.

That combination has not been easy to achieve since operational costs are increasing every year and competition is tough.

We ended up with the idea of reducing our overhead as much as we could and in doing so, we pay our employees better salaries knowing they are the principal part of the business.

That’s why we found that, a better paid employee is a more motivated person willing to give out of himself the best of the best.

Equipment and chemicals are received and kept inside our Janitor closets, supervision is rendered in the property being serviced, administration, billing and operational entity is located in the least expensive place lowing the cost to the minimum and passing the best of our income to the employees to motivate them to do the best cleaning and maintenance service ever.

Best Quality and Lower Price is our signature !